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The Hum by M. Roosevelt

The Hum by M. Roosevelt


The Hum is a new album out by my dear talented handsome buddy, Mike Rasimas of M. Roosevelt. 

He's got a hell of a lot more music, has worked with so many talented weirdos, and you should check it all out on his BANDCAMP or check out one his shows through Facebook

Melissa Schlobohm of Fledgling Press

Melissa Schlobohm of Fledgling Press

FLedgling Press 

Melissa has a studio down the street from my house. She's put out some incredible prints, merch, creates massive swarms of bats, bugs and sting rays... Her installations surround you, her energy and attitude is nothing short of inspiring - an individual who never ceases to surprise me.

Check out her work on the walls of Drink More Good on Main Street in Beacon, and the occasional show at BAU Gallery.

A Lucky Cut from Lucky Longo

A Lucky Cut from Lucky Longo

A Lucky Cut

Lucky's been keeping the city of Beacon decent for a long time now: Keeping our men and women and children fly af. If you see a fresh cut and a smile - chances are you're witnessing the afterglow of a haircut/therapy session the Lucky Longo and her pup companion, Coal.

She's finally making some big moves in our community this year (that I'll let her reveal come Valentines Day) but if you haven't let this angel fix your hair, your missing out.